Poultry Rendering
The whole line were consists of material buffer bin, conveyor, cooker, dryer, grinding, cooling, packing and odor treatment system.
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Material Buffer Bin Image
Material Buffer Bin
To store the products so avoid the material's stock.
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Conveyor Image
Versatile, reliable and hygienic way to move material from one process step to the next.
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Other Poultry Rendering
Cooker Image
Dryer Image
Cooling Image
About Company Image
Our company majored in dead animal harmless handle and recycle. Our company owned authorized pressure vessel certificate(Certificate No.TS2237474-2016),CE certificate,ASME certificate. owns a modern factory with over 20000 square meters, have 16 professional senior engineers, one UK technical adviser. Absorbing advanced technologies from Denmark, the company has gained thirteen patents. Our technical is at a leading level in the professional organic waste recycle and reuse business. Gathering the advanced biological technology,we created the advanced dead animal harmless comprehensive handling equipment. The process line machine we designed has a lot of superior characters including high automation,definite safety,low labor intensity and etc.It achieves a high standard goal of simple,continuous and efficient manufacture technology.
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Shandong, China
No of employees
Year Established
Business Type
Manufacturer, Marketing
Factory size
2000-3000 sq mt
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